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A Wandering Monkey


Coming from a troubled past I never thought it was possible to fulfil any of my unspoken dreams. Looking back, my life could of took a turn for the worst and all of this would of ceased to exist.  

Today it is a very different story and through travel I have learned that we do not have to be a product of our environment and with some surprising luck, dreams do come true. 

Now having over 20 years experience living, working and travelling this charming, engaging and magnificent planet, 

it is now the time to share my knowledge, experiences and stories of my life as a Wandering Monkey. 

Through my blog, guides and photography I hope to inspire all those who wish to seek adventure, want to change their life and chase that dream of living a life as a nomad. 

The Brand

In 2017 I had a small vision of writing a book about my past life and how all that negativity pushed me a direction where I could achieve some bucket-list opportunities. After a lot time contemplating I started to work on a logo and the original vision halted and another one was born. 

Fast forward a few years later and we are now working towards having a brand that represents many aspects of my life and my vision.

The true identity of the brand Wandering Monkey is to represent, inspire and give back.

A brand that is not just a place where I can earn a little money to change my life, but being able to change others. 


Through working with non-profits, charities and organisations every sale of a Wandering Monkey product will directly have a percentage or all of the funds going straight to volunteering programs, environmental protection, human rights and education for the disadvantaged, nature conservation, animal rights and protection, sustainable travel and eco friendly and sustainable products.

When you by a product you will automatically become an ambassador for what Wandering Monkey stands for. 


"My idea of success is not to have all the riches in the world, but to have an impact on peoples lives.

Be it on a daily basis or be it in a blink of an eye, make it important and have a good influence with whomever you meet whilst on your journey".

- Paul Allen 




Paul...or as I liked to call him Paulie. 
I’ve known him for such a long time... As long as I sometimes I can’t remember and it makes me wonder if I actually met him in another life, a deja vu moment, as it is possible.

We were different souls back in those days but as I am a strong believer that everything and everyone happens and crosses your path for a reason, good or as a lesson, Paulie was one of them.

I have to honestly say, that what I learned from him the most, is that people do actually know how to say sorry; and not because they might want nor think that the other person is in the right; just because he could feel how this soul, myself, needed some kind words.

Ever since, I’ve been following his journey...from a monkey (LOL), to the beautiful soul that he finally unleashed. 

His photographs tell stories, through them you can feel every emotion and passion that is hidden inside you. You get to live the life that you always dreamed of by staring at that one picture that captures your soul.

What he has done so far and what he is still doing, is living the life that we only think is possible in those movies that we watch when we want to get away and unwind... He made it REAL, POSSIBLE , for the rest of us .

I will be forver grateful to be part of your life. Keep rocking and showing the world that everything IS possible.

Maria C. Krause. XXX

Maria C. Krause - Mindset and Business Coach.
Mindfulness and Lifestyle Blogger.
Founder of UNCHAIN your inner strength

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