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Inspiring friends from around the world

“People Who Are Crazy Enough To Think They Can Change The World, Are The Ones Who Do.”

– Rob Siltanen

Wether it is amazing content, contributions to the world or stunning photography, I would like to share with you just some of the people who have and still are inspiring me whilst on my journey on this rock.

Can you picture yourself in Ireland? Then I would highly recommend Lee Williamson, the amazing man behind Shuttermaniac. I worked with Lee many years ago during my time in Ireland and over the years he has been a constant inspiration for me, he's work behind the camera lens is second to none, from beautiful drone footage to stunning shots of what the best of the Emerald Isle has to offer, this is your go to guy for a truly visionary guide to Ireland. 

If you are ever looking for awe inspiring tales, a wealth of experience and a complete guide to Japan I would look no further than Cindy Bissig. An exceptional content creator and writer with an amazing insight into the lifestyle, the culture and living in the Land of the Rising Sun, her work speaks for itself so check out her YouTube channel and website .

Its been 5 years since I have been following Carolina Sevilla and her non-profit organisation 5minutebeachcleanup,

which have been nothing short of inspiring and educational.

Being the operations director in Latin America for BIONIC YARN, Carolina is a constant threat to the non-believers of environmental climate change and a true advocate for the ocean. With so many running projects and eduction programs Carolina and her husband are nothing short of what the natural world needs right now. 

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