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Me, Myself and iPhone - On the Road.

photographer /fəˈtɒɡrəfə/ Learn to pronounce


  1. a person who takes photographs, especially as a job. "a freelance press photographer"

photography /fəˈtɒɡrəfi/ Learn to pronounce


  1. the art or practice of taking and processing photographs.

Like many I love photography, I love the creative editing, I love that it is my vision and most of all I love how it has frozen a moment in my timeline on this blue planet.

But in todays world I find it difficult to find depth; with so many pictures that are constantly uploaded on numerous social media platforms it is sometimes really heartbreaking to see at least 50 percent of the feed is saturated with someone taking a selfie with this stunning background and a big head in the way of the view or we get the used preset for that well poised beach picture that the boyfriend/girlfriend took twenty minutes to take.

Now don't get me wrong I understand that today the real world is actually what we have right in front of us and uploading and creating content will constantly keep you seen and can earn you some cash. But please can we get back down to basics and actually stop looking for attention, being fake and pretending to be happy, also maybe share a good fucking honest story that goes with the picture too.



1 - Hide and Seek

2 - Still Blue

3 - Chaac has Arrived

4 - The Shoemaker

5 - Unique and underrated

6 - A New World

7 - Melchsee Wave

8 - A perfect Corona

9 - Rum O'Clock

10 - Parque Lage


Hide and Seek - Xcaret, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Xcaret sits close to Playa del Carmen and is a natural and cultural experience you will love.

With its underground rivers, aquarium, aviary, butterfly pavilion spending the day here with my students whilst I was teaching in the area was an unforgettable day.

Although nature is in an abundance here it was whilst sitting down eating lunch that I saw a slight movement in the tree in front of me. Upon investigating and getting a little closer I then realised that this huge iguana hid itself away from all the screaming children running around. Tucked nice a deep inside the broken bark of the tree I guess it thought if it couldn't see us, we wouldn't be able to see it. He guessed wrong and I immediately grabbed my phone and took this lovely shot.


Still Blue - Sempachersee, Luzern, Switzerland.

When we all think of Switzerland we have this automatic vision of huge mountains, lush green hills or chocolate.

Here as the sun faded away I realised how striking the colours were and how calm the lake was, so naturally being on the waters edge I thought I would try the long exposure feature on the iPhone.

Managing to get what looks like a watercolour without a big mountain taking up the focus of the picture I thought this would give a different view of what is the most picturesque country in Europe.


Chaac has Arrived -

Tulum Ruins, Quinatana Roo, Mexico.

If you are looking through the Internet for a vacation to Tulum the last picture you want to see is a storm brewing over the ancient ruins. With so many images of the ruins shown in such beautiful light it was the perfect moment as I came down at a low angle with the wind picking up and pushing against me I took this moody and unique shot.

Fun fact:

Chaac is the Maya God of Thunder and Rain.


The Shoemaker - Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

This particular day in Felipe Carrillo Puerto was one of my favourites. I woke up nice and early and decided I would take a cycle around the town to capture images of what local life was like. After spending hours taking pictures of people and the area I decided to peddle back home for lunch. On route I came across Manuel who has been working in this shoe repair shop all his life. Over 300 clicks and it was my last shot of the day that I truly felt I captured a moment in time and what life in FCP is for some.


Unique and Underrated -

El Pinar, Canelones, Uruguay.

If I could make one shot that represents my time spent in Uruguay then this is it. Although Uruguay wasn't just about sitting on the beach everyday, I believe that this frozen moment captures what I believe Uruguayans have running through their veins and in their heart. Sunshine and Maté are both part and parcel of everyday life in Uruguay and whilst many people skip past this part of South America to head into Argentina or Brazil I believe like Maté Uruguay is both unique and underrated.


A new world - Luzern, Switzerland.

2020 began with what we all thought something that will pass with ease and boom! Just like that the entire world came to a stand still, cities lockdown, countries on lockdown and travel on lockdown.

A year a few months later and we are all still struggling to get to grips with the situation.

This image here represents a new world we have entered whilst the nostalgia of the old is still very recent. With so many unwanted issues in todays world it is scary to think of what this beautiful blue planets future will be.


Melchsee Wave -

Melchsee-Fruit, Obwalden, Switzerland.

Gowing up in an urban town next to a big city I never thought I would end up hiking around in the snow on mountains and obviously now living in Switzerland it is second nature. With Switzerland having such a picturesque landscape every picture you take is potentially stunning.

In this shot I felt it was unique with its wave like scenery crashing over the mountains and making it a little grainy to make it somewhat like it was painted.


A Perfect Corona - Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico.

Rum O'Clock - Isla de Peidra, Sinaloa, Mexico.

Im obviously not a professional, but I do like trying to capture moments and I feel that a cold Corona, flip flops, sand and a sunset in one image that is a perfect commercial for the brand. I feel the same for the Bacardi Oakheart bottle resting against a palm tree with the backdrop of the ocean and beach, it just takes me away to the Caribbean and becoming a pirate. Obviously both holding some great memories during my time in Mexico and two images that I'm fond of.


Parque Lage - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

When I think of Brazil I see this image before anything else, the structure, the architecture, Christo Redentor in the distance and the beautiful gardens surround this iconic part of Rio make this a memory and shot I love.

As most who have read my blog will know that Rio de Janeiro has been one of my favourite cities to visit and is also what I believe the most vibrant. So to have this stunning green in the middle of it is a wonder itself.


Traveling and photography come hand in hand, but to actually capture a moment in time without thinking of followers and likes for your social feed today is a difficult task, even skimming through your news feed now is hard work. So I hope with some of my favourite, unique and not so perfect shots it brings you a little something else to what you see on a daily basis.

Peace, love and travel

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