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Snowy and cloudy mountain views.

Hey There

Local beach seller
Image of the owner and founder of Wandering Monkey

Paul Allen

Founder & Owner

Wandering Monkey 

Salty Ape Surf & Beachwear

The Liberty Due Project

Spicy Baboon

Freetribe Limted

Local woman in the heart of Havana, Cuba
Ocean view from Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica
Back of Hostel, includes swimming pool
Floating bed on the rooftop of the hostel
Modals wearing Wandering Monkey Clothing

Hello Adventurers, I'm Paul Allen, and I'm excited to welcome you to the world of Wandering Monkey!

Welcome to the Uncharted!

Step into the extraordinary with Wandering Monkey, where every footprint tells a story, and every destination is an adventure waiting to unfold. I'm not just a traveler; I'm a nomad, and Wandering Monkey is the beating heart of my journey.

The Global Tapestry

Having danced through the streets of Ireland, soaked in the rich history of Greece, swayed under the Cuban sun, immersed myself in Thai culture, felt the heartbeat of South Africa, salsa-ed in Mexico, explored the Swiss Alps, marveled at the beauty of Peru, and reveled in the warmth of Uruguay, I've stitched together a global tapestry that's vibrant, diverse, and uniquely Wandering Monkey.

20 PLUS Years of Nomadic Bliss

Leaving school at 14 was the first bold step into a life less ordinary. Two decades later, my journey spans construction sites, bars, classrooms, and beyond. Each experience has shaped the dynamic spirit that defines Wandering Monkey.

Dreams Turned Reality

Wandering Monkey didn't just start with a dream; it transformed into a vivid reality. From envisioning someone rocking our logo on a hoodie to manifesting it into a multifaceted experience—travel blogs, photography, and a hostel that was a sanctuary for dreamers.

The Hostel - Where Dreams Collide

Our hostel wasn't just bricks and beds; it was a space where dreams collided, and unforgettable stories were born. The first chapter might be closed, but the sequel is in the making. We're on the lookout for a new location—a canvas for more dreams and wild adventures.



Capturing the Unseen

Join me in exploring the world through a lens that sees beyond the obvious, celebrating authenticity, diversity, and the pure joy of discovery.

Beyond Borders - Wear the Adventure

The Wandering Monkey online store isn't just a shop; it's a portal to wear the spirit of adventure. Our logo on a hoodie isn't just merchandise; it's a statement that you're part of a global tribe embracing life with zest and wanderlust.










Future Horizons

As Wandering Monkey evolves, the adventure magnifies. Picture this: a new hostel location, the beat of our podcast, and an ever-expanding universe of experiences. We're not just charting destinations; we're scripting stories that will echo through the ages.

Join the Revolution

Connect with Wandering Monkey on our electrifying website and ride the wave on our social media platforms. This isn't just a brand; it's a revolution of authenticity, passion, and a relentless pursuit of the extraordinary. Your presence isn't just welcomed; it's celebrated.

Your Adventure Awaits

Thank you for daring to wander with us. Your support isn't just appreciated; it's the wind beneath our wings as we soar into the next breathtaking chapter. Together, let's redefine what it means to wander, explore, and live unapologetically!

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