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Supporting the Journey of Wandering Monkey


Dear Adventurers, Subscribers, Friends, and Family, Welcome to the Wandering Monkey donation page.


I’m Paul Allen, the heart and soul behind this nomadic venture, and I'm reaching out to you with a humble request.

Wandering Monkey is not just a website; it's a dream in motion, a passion project, TO GIVE BACK and a way to connect with like-minded souls around the globe.


Why Your Support MatterS:

Creating quality content, maintaining the website, and expanding our reach requires resources that i do not have AND I NEED YOUR HELP.


Here’s how your generous contributions can help:


Website Costs:

by supporting wandering monkey you will help me keep learning, building, creating and bring you a better experience throughout and Ensuring a smooth and engaging online experience. This will also bring down prices in clothing and other CREATIONS which will be more valuable in the long scheme of things, being more affordable for everyone and changing the overall marketing strategy. my aim was never take all the profits and live a luxurious life style, it was always to survive and give back when i could. 


Copyrights and Trademarks:

Protecting our brand and content is a very important part of this project. over time i have had my ups and downs with people using photos and content for their personal profiles and self gain without permission. to deter individuals from doing so the logo, branding, prints, photos, content and name has to stay protected in some way and with your help i can assure that it will.  


New Equipment:

Without Investing in tools to create high-quality content, stunning photographs, amazing footage and insightful blogs we start to loose our way. With an ever so fast changing technology based world it is very hard work to keep up the pace and your content becomes worthless over time. With the added edition to traveling, breakages, being robbed, exploding batteries or constant updates to run your 12 year old laptop it becomes a little stressful and worrying at times, But with your help we can change that feeling of not knowing how long is this OR THAT MAY LAST and change that constant worry.


Writing and Time Costs:

by Supporting the creation of eBooks, blogs and other written content it allows me GIVES ME MORE FREEDOM to do this AND INSTEAD OF A SIDE HUSTLE IT CAN BECOME A FULL TIME JOB. over time I have constantly give my time for free, not just for wandering monkey, but many other projects too. wether its helping friends with websites, designing logos, sharing my works, consulting or working on my own projects that might have gave me other income but fell through. my purpose in life is to keep going on this journey. with this in mind IT will give us the chance for it to succeed without further distractions or worry. I just want to make you ALL happy and proud because you are all a part of this ADVENTURE. 


Travel and Airfare:

iMAGINE Funding trips for volunteering programs abroad, allowing me to represent our community in meaningful ways. My aim was never just about the destination, it was always about immersing myself within a culture and locals.

Over the years that I have travelled, i have took it upon myself to organise environmental clean ups, bring that importance, education and understanding in to the classroom and also volunteered in small community projects. I believe that with your help i can represent wandering monkey and you in the right way. if you never had the chance to go to Kenya and volunteer with a community or look after jaguars in the amazon, then look no further and i will represent you. 


Podcast Funding:

not only do i want to just travel the world, explore AND volunteer, I want to create "A Nomad’s Podcast" and bring it mobile, bringing you my stories and interviews from around the world. Why just stay in one place and work from a little studio when we can in fact sit on top of a mountain a record at that moment and share with you an experience of a lifetime. when i started all this it was to share and bring you with me, today that is still my aim. 


The Impact of Your Contribution With your support, Wandering Monkey can continue to thrive and evolve. Your donations will not only help cover essential costs but also enable us to give back in unique and impactful ways.


Here’s what your contribution means:

Following the Dream: Every donation helps keep the dream alive, allowing me to share the wonders of the world with you.


Creating Quality Content: Your support means better equipment and more time dedicated to producing the content you love.


Giving Back: By funding travel to volunteering programs, you’re directly contributing to global communities and making a difference.


Expanding Our Reach: With the podcast going mobile, we can bring you inspiring stories from every corner of the globe.


How to Donate

Donating is easy and every little bit helps. Whether you can contribute a little or a lot, your support is invaluable and deeply appreciated.

A Heartfelt Thank You for being part of the Wandering Monkey community.

Your support, encouragement, and belief in this journey means the world to me.

Together, we can continue to explore, inspire, and make a positive impact.


Keep Wandering, Keep Dreaming be inspired to inspire

Paul Allen

Wandering Monkey


Following the Dream: Every donation helps keep the dream alive, allowing me to share the wonders of the world with you.


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